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    What you need to know about using the Wire Safe service at Margin Street

    Margin Street ensures that everyone doing business on the platform is honest, fair and that buyers get exactly what they pay for. The problem of losing money over an online transaction is solved by a Wire Safe technique that acts in the interest of the buyer. The following terms and conditions are put in place to make this happen.

    Wire safe on the part of the buyers

    • Buyers can safely transact on Margin street using the Wire Safe service that protects all money wired while the buyer ensures the quality of the business.
    • Buyers will have to pay for a business transaction before they receive the product (payment before delivery).
    • The wire is held from the seller until transaction is completed whereby the buyer has received what was paid for as agreed in the seller’s description.
    • Upon confirmation of receipt, the money is then wired to the seller to conclude the transaction.

    Wire safe service on the part of the sellers

    • Buyers are at ease to transact because they trust that they will get what they paid for with the use of our Wire Safe service.
    • Wire Safe ensures that the sellers get paid exactly what was agreed upon by the buyer for the business.
    • Money to be paid is not wired directly to the buyer but rather to us.
    • Seller’s business description must be open and honest.
    • Sellers will deliver on their end of the business deal before they can get their money.
    • On the sellers end it is payment after delivery, without the risk of the buyer not paying as the money would have already been wired to us.
    • After delivery of all business entities the money is sent to the seller from us.

    At margin street, we want to make sure that everyone who transacts is honest so that buyers get their money’s worth and sellers sell exactly what they promise to sell. We can achieve this by being an intermediary for the money transfer; the buyer wires their money to us which we hold on to until the seller delivers all business entities to the buyer and then we send the money to the seller. Both buyer and seller must abide by the privacy policy, terms of use, and all other website rules.

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