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  • Fraud Prevention

    The internet has provided a cloak of anonymity to fraudsters seeking to harm online businesses across the globe. Margin street is here to safeguard your transaction and make sure it is hitch free.

    To prevent fraud, we ensure that every account with us is highly secured with our world-class anti-fraud detection, protecting and monitoring every transaction. Each personal and financial detail you have with us is fully secured with our fraud risk models and analysis tools. Since both buying and selling requires fraud protection, here are some golden rules you may need to follow to fully ensure that your account and transactions are optimally protected from fraud.

    General tips

    • The name, email address, shipping address, and even IP address of every transaction and it customer is kept on record so as to detect any anonymity likely to show up.
    • We limit every transaction to a particular number size so that unnecessary excesses in transactions as a result of fraud can be easily noticed.
    • If we realized we are not a hundred percent sure of a transaction, we immediately contact the customer involved via phone or mail to verify.

    Buyers protection

    We make emphasis more on fraud prevention because it’s been more rampant in the past few years on online sales and transactions. If you have purchased an item with us and it fails to deliver or doesn’t match up with the goods you have paid for, you have less than 100 days to inform us about this under these considerations.

    • That you received an item entirely different from what you ordered
    • You ordered for an original product but was given a counterfeit

    We work so hard to ensure that every customer using this platform enjoys top security with our good quality of service. Every transaction here is real and legit.

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